- About Noa -

Noa is an exciting new concept serving quick, healthy, fresh and tasty vegetarian cuisine inspired by the tastes, smells, flavours and textures from all over the globe.

Co-founders Deven and Ronak came up with the idea for Noa (‘No Animals’) after years of fruitlessly searching for the very restaurant they have created.

London is a gloriously multicultural melting-pot of people from all over the world and our food has been created with a globally-aware, health-conscious population in mind. In other words it’s perfect for everybody!

For high-end vegetarian food with personality that’s been prepared with love and packs a serious flavour punch, welcome to Noa.

- Noa Foundation -

At Noa, not only are we committed to great food. As an ethical restaurant company we simply can’t ignore the global need for food, child development and the collective duty we have to help create the next generation of thoughtful and passionate guardians of our fragile planet.

The Noa Foundation will support worthwhile causes we – and our loyal customers – believe in. It could be small local charities or international aid agencies but whatever we do, we have a passion to give back.

Any ideas as to where we should be directing our efforts? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.